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Computer technology is depicted and described by ancient Egyptians and Nostradamus

Finding the following type of computer, its data disks (and their contents) in these texts - IS proof of Time Travel Back to the Past - says Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg.

386 Desktop PC, Compact Disk, Jewel Case, CD-Drive, Mouse & Cable


in Egyptian Hieroglyphs  1240 BC

Papyrus of ANI column 1

in France  1550 AD

Queen of France  1566 AD

Papyrus of ANI column 2

America 1827 AD

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You may see in Adelaide, South Australia, a unique voo doo blue Toyota Rukus. It belongs to the Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group. Their blue Time Travel vehicle is utilized to advertise their Books and Workshops for local residents. You may purchase a set of Workshop Resource Books consisting of three particular books. The first presents the discoveries of Queensland researcher, Ronald Pegg while the other two contain various Case Studies examined by South Australian Eddy Pengelly, including several ancient texts such as those from the Old Testament (Ezekiel and Daniel), Nostradamus, and the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Revelation from the New Testament.