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Modern Objects are Documented in Ancient Texts

Computer technology similar to this

in Egyptian Hieroglyphs  1240 BC

in France  1550 AD

America 1827 AD before plastic was invented

Accepted explanations of ancient legends are WRONG

Historians have been misleading us for over 5,000 years
Human time travellers were sent back to the past to place warnings. Using a computer to show particular cd-rom pictures, they instructed certain people they encountered to write down what they were shown and told. The Egyptian Aten, Papyrus of Ani, and Atlantis stories document these encounters. Nostradamus has encoded specific historical events from a particular 'historical cd-rom'. All this now forms part of the Time Travel proof documented in the world's ancient texts and legends.

Books present the Proof


Ancient Chronicles Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Over 30 ancient texts identified
Overview of all the puzzle pieces
Where computer technology described

Nostradamus Unsealed
Ronald Pegg's Discoveries

Nostradamus utilised a computer
Saw future history from a cd-rom
Encoded this info in his Quatrains

A New Understanding
Egyptian Gods and Atlantis

Glyphs reveal a time travel encounter
ANI documents computer technology
Great Ennead legend speaks of cd-roms

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The Pegg Project ®

This will be your own personal journey of discovery as you uncover accounts of time travel encounters in many ancient texts and read what has been found regarding prophetic narratives.
As you evaluate the evidence you will be able to form your own conclusions which will then enable you to cope with the warnings hidden in ancient texts by time travellers.

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